Shortly about us...

BKR Szała ul. Zamkowa 18
48-250 Głogówek


Phone: 77 4 372 317
Phone/fax 77 4 067 705
Mobile phone: 0048 602 365 134 for services provided in German

Mobile phone: 0048 882 195 504 for services in English




The scope of services provided – domestic:
  • tax revenue and expense ledgers;
  • revenue records for the flat-rate taxes;
  • trade books (full accounting);
  • VAT records of purchases and sales;
  • other evidences;
  • assistance in a business registration;
  • human resources services and social insurance settlement;
  • representation before tax authorities and the NSA (Polish Supreme Administrative Court);
  • tax consultancy;
  • annual settlements of companies and private persons;
  • preparation of business plans;
  • preparation of applications for EU grants;
  • settlement of payroll taxes for performing work in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, England and Belgium;

For foreign companies wishing to enter the Polish market we offer a full range of activities needed to start a business from a notary act of creating.


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